Werkhof Küssnacht

The Werkhof, Oekihof and bus depot form a new, recently completed, striking ensemble at the entrance to the village of Küssnacht. Technically/constructively, the buildings represent the state of the art. The heated, compactly arranged rooms in the Werkhof meet the Minergie standard (building material parameters, Minergie Eco certification was rejected by the client in the course of planning), and the grey energy could be minimised with a wooden supporting structure. 1/2

Project number:



2013 – 2014


District Küssnacht




2/2 – The heating energy is generated with heat pumps and the flat roofs are prepared to accommodate solar systems. It is not only the dimensions of the buildings that are characteristic, but also the design of the outer skin that allows conclusions to be drawn about their use. In the Werkhof / Oekihof, a low-maintenance, pre-greyed wooden shell forms the facade, while the bus depot forms the visual counterpart: The view of the parked buses with sheet metal bodies is concealed by a metal façade. The Oekihof is organised in a user-friendly way and logically structured. Although combined under a common flat roof, Oekihof and Werkhof function completely autonomously. The covered waste disposal areas can be reached in a one-way course, and the area can be left again without any crossroads.


Wir begleiten Sie auf dem Weg zur Ihrer Traumimmobilie und sorgen dafür, dass neben Zeit und Budget auch die kleinen Dinge stimmen, die Ihr Haus zu Ihrem individuellen Wohntraum werden lassen.