Villa by the lake Lucerne

The property is located on the site of a former shipyard. A few years ago, the buildings were demolished down to the foundation slab. The result was an unused wasteland. A spacious single-family house with a small granny flat is planned on the plot. 1/2

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2021 – 2024


under construction


Weggis am See
2/2 – This means intervening in existing structures. The goal is also clear: to be as optimal as possible for the surroundings. The basis of the architectural design is the zoning of the outdoor spaces, which have different relationships to the house. The building area is intentionally placed in the centre of the plot, the newly designed surroundings connect the outer edges of the plot to the house. The architectural concept ensures a maximum of privacy, but without appearing forbidding towards the street. The garden design with the planting creates a harmonious transition between the edges of the plot and the building. The landscape plan shows very nicely how the plot is zoned in terms of garden design and how it is enhanced, for example, with the stream exposure. The lakeshore is designed very close to nature. A beautiful „Wembley lawn“ is deliberately avoided. A ruderal area with wild shrubs and a small chaussian square extends from the house to the lake. The house facing the lake is intended for the owner’s living and working quarters, while the granny flat facing west and away from the lake will provide for any supporting staff (e.g. nursing staff). The property is accessed via the north-eastern driveway.


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