Oberdorfstrasse Küssnacht

As a replacement for the former “Farb” building, the house takes over the gateway situation to the core zone along Oberdorfstrasse in Küssnacht and forms the end of the row of houses from the Seebodenstrasse junction to Siegwartstrasse. The grain corresponds roughly to that of the built environment. On top of the base storey with small businesses are two upper storeys and an attic storey lying in the volume of the pitched roof. 1/2

Project number:



2015 – 2016


2/2 – The noise-exposed location was solved with structural measures: street-side box-type windows provide natural ventilation and eliminate noise at the same time. The apartment building features today’s standard technology, is energy-efficient and, thanks to carefully selected materials such as the Eternit façade, is not only low-maintenance but also durable.


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