Centre development Heubächli

The surrounding “green” with bushes and trees is framed and led into the development area. Along the main street sits a striking four-storey building with a generous shop area for Volg on the ground floor. The urban development concept is characterised by the dotted buildings distributed around the site. Visually, the buildings are identical, but they have different floor plan layouts. The spaces between them are generously proportioned. 1/2

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Completion: end of 2023


under construction


2/2 – In the southeastern area, the entrance and exit to the property is located; here, motorised traffic is removed and neatly divided between shop visitors and residents. This zone forms the transition from the semi-public to the private area. The built-up area is traffic-free. And of course for today’s times: the building envelopes are highly insulated, the energy for heating and domestic hot water is obtained from a photovoltaic system and with geothermal probes.


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