Car-Storage and Hotel Steinhausen

A security warehouse for valuable cars is to be built in the Steinhausen industrial estate, directly south of the highway. The vehicles will be stored on 7 floors, monitored and air-conditioned. Individual boxes or entire areas of the floors will be partitioned off and made privately available to the respective collectors and their collections. In addition to the individual areas, there are also representative communal rooms. 1/2


2021 – 2026


Immum SA, Schindellegi


in approval




Building design, façade design, etc., planning with specialist planning team, approval process
2/2 – The second part of the assembled project is a hotel. A medium-sized hotel for the Marriott Group is to be built with good access. The 130 rooms meet the requirements of the operator and Marriott. The entrance hall with bar and restaurant on the first floor, as well as all ancillary rooms, are also planned in accordance with the specifications.


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