Private Clients

We accompany you on the way to realising your own home. From the initial planning to moving in.

Together with our clients, we make the dream of owning a new home come true. In doing so, we support both the conversion of existing properties and new construction. Our top priority is that the architecture reflects the needs and wishes of the future residents.

This phase is mainly about understanding your needs, requirements and wishes and roughly defining the financial framework for the project. This phase gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and to set up the project according to your needs.

As soon as the rough planning has been completed, the search for a suitable plot of land or an existing property begins. Factors such as location, surroundings, infrastructure and price play an important role here.

This is where the first concrete house design is created. The needs and preferences of the future residents are incorporated into the planning. Floor plans, façade design and other details are worked out. In this phase, we place a lot of emphasis on advising on the topic of sustainability in the areas of energy, ecology and the use of sustainable materials. We recommend and coordinate all other planners (building services, building physics, statics, etc.) depending on the project and planning status.
The design phase takes around 3 months, during which we also recommend planning the interior architecture and furnishings. We are also happy to do this for you, but we also always work together with our clients’ interior designers.

Already in the planning phase, we started to optimise the project with regard to the building code and sought regular exchange with the authorities. In this phase, the final design is submitted to the relevant authorities in order to obtain a building permit. The approval process with the municipality can vary depending on the location and building regulations and can take some time (3-6 months).

We contact construction companies to obtain quotations. The selection of a reliable construction company is crucial here. Contracts and agreements are concluded.
 Traditionally, we work as a trustee for our clients and control all other trades involved in the planning and construction. However, if desired, we can also act as a general contractor and thus offer a fixed price.

Once the building permit has been obtained and the contracts have been concluded, the actual construction begins. The duration of the construction depends on the size and complexity of the house.

During construction, regular walk-throughs take place to monitor progress and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

As soon as the shell of the building is complete, the interior work begins. Installations such as electrics, sanitary facilities and heating are installed. The interior design with floor coverings, tiles, colours and other details takes place.

After completion of the construction, an acceptance test is carried out to check whether all work has been carried out properly and meets the standards. The rectification of defects and also the acceptance after the expiry of the 2-year guarantee is also supervised by us.uf der 2 Jahres-Garantie wird ebenfalls von uns betreut.

Projects for our private clients


We accompany you on the way to your dream property and ensure that, in addition to time and budget, the little things are right that make your house your individual dream home.