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More than 30 years of experience in design planning and especially in implementation planning enable us to support you optimally in the successful realisation of planning and construction projects.

For many years, we have been designing and planning large-scale projects such as hotels, apartment buildings, commercial spaces or shopping centres for our clients. Our many years of experience in implementation planning ensure that the subsequent technical feasibility is always taken into consideration from the very first sketch. This enables us to design projects that do not miss time and budget and do not cause any unpleasant surprises during implementation.

Our studies provide developers with sound information and recommendations to optimise the design of buildings and neighbourhoods.

 Depending on the assignment, the studies include various analyses, evaluations and optimisations of spatial design, building volumes and city districts. This makes it possible to address the needs of subsequent users in an even more targeted manner.

This covers several of our services, all of which are aimed at ensuring the quality of projects and finding the best approach in each case. 
In doing so, we ensure above all that the applicable standards, regulations and requirements are complied with. Our services include detailed project assessment to ensure technical feasibility, construction safety, compliance with building standards and sustainability criteria, including material selection, construction techniques and environmental impact.

The aim of construction registration is to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process by duly completing all necessary permits and approval procedures. 

We offer advice and expertise in the preparation and compilation of all necessary documents and records for the building submission. This includes architectural plans, construction drawings, technical specifications, building applications and other required documentation in accordance with local building regulations and laws. In doing so, we work closely with the relevant authorities and ensure that all relevant regulations and guidelines are complied with. If necessary, we make any required adjustments or changes to the project to ensure compliance with building regulations.

 In addition, we handle communication and coordination with the building authorities to facilitate the approval process. We provide support in answering questions or requirements from the authorities and can also take over representation and presentation of the project during approval procedures if required.

Already in the planning phase, we started to optimise the project with regard to the building code and sought regular exchange with the authorities. In this phase, the final design is submitted to the relevant authorities in order to obtain a building permit. The approval process with the municipality can vary depending on the location and building regulations and can take some time (3-6 months).

Here we ensure that the construction is efficiently designed and that the project is implemented according to defined specifications and standards. 

In execution planning, we transform designs and concepts into implementable technical drawings and plans. These plans contain precise information on materials, dimensions, construction techniques and construction procedures. They serve as a guide for construction and ensure that the project is implemented according to the designs and specifications.

The tenders include the preparation of specifications and the solicitation of bids from various construction companies. We defined the requirements for the construction work, prepare detailed tender documents and coordinate the entire tender process. From publishing the tender to answering questions from potential bidders, evaluating the offers and recommending contractors.

With these services, we ensure the financial transparency and efficiency of the project. In addition to the ongoing monitoring and control of project costs, we prepare budget plans that take into account all items such as materials, labour, equipment and other expenses. During the project, the running costs are regularly compared with the budget in order to quickly identify any deviations and take appropriate action. Billing includes not only recording, but also documenting the services rendered, as well as correct billing to the client. We prepare detailed invoices based on the services rendered and the agreed fee rates and monitor the timely receipt and payment of the invoices.

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